Specialist Commercial Glass Replacement

Give your building a new lease of life - Vitrine specialise in replacing tired and degraded glazing systems with modern alternatives which can simultaneously improve the buildings aesthetic value and increase safety through greater structural integrity.

With a dedicated team vastly experienced in both designing and maintaining various glazing systems, Vitrine can offer the complete glass replacement solution for your Architectural Glazing system. The Specialist Glazing and Maintenance Division can provide the complete replacement service; upgrading degraded glass units and the associated fixings and fittings, including weather seals, pressure caps, silicon joints and metalwork.

Our commercial glass replacement service can be extended from an individual cracked unit, to a large-scale replacement project; including atria, canopies, glass screens, cladding, roof lighting, windows and doors and high-level roof glazing. Vitrine’s initial visit will ascertain both the dimensions and specifications of the replacement glass, matching this to existing glass or to new details, and also outline the process by which the project will be carried-out. Vitrine are sensitive to your operations, and as such the on-site works can be scheduled to your requirements and are flexible to your business environment.

We’ve been tasked with carrying out commercial glazing replacement for a number of high profile Clients, and boast an experienced team fully qualified in leading glazing system installation and refurbishment. All operatives are trained to work at height through various access techniques, and an SMST qualified Site Manager is placed in attendance for all projects.

Vitrine Specialist Glazing and Maintenance Division work is carried out by professional, experienced glazing teams who are fully trained and qualified to the latest standards. All projects include a detailed Method and Risk Assessment and Guarantee. For more information regarding Vitrine’s Health and Safety Policy, please click here. We’re also fully accredited with leading Health and Safety bodies.

Vitrine, your partner in glazing solutions!

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